Most Famous Japanese Train Stations For You To Bring Home

It is still very regular in our way of life to bring out omiyage (gifts) for loved ones after the special seasons. Also, in all honesty, the best spot to purchase keepsakes is at railroad stations, with many omiyage choices that will make you mixed up to pick it, albeit generally you can legitimately arrange various well known gifts is up to the vender. Accordingly, here are probably the most well known omiyage alternatives (and for the most part everybody will adore by and large) from each train station in Japan beginning from Hokkaido in the north.


In the event that you need gifts that have been increasingly known to individuals, you can chase the neighborhood taste Kit Kat. It is referenced that there are in excess of 100 kinds of Kit Kat novel in each area of Japan. (Hokkaido), sweet Potato (Tokyo), Strawberry cheesecake (Yokohama), Wasabi (Shizuoka), Blueberry cheesecake (Nagano), miso (Nagoya), and some more!


Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana is presumably the most notable cake from Tokyo to be utilized as a trinket.


Baumkuchen was really a German baked good that was brought to Japan by Karl Joseph Willhelm Juchheim in 1919, which at that point opened a pastry shop in Yokohama in 1921.





As an old neighborhood of Takoyaki and furthermore its run of the mill okonomiyaki, Osaka has a wide assortment of takoyaki or okonomiyaki snacks, one of which is a Jagariko (nibble potato) of this okonomiyaki season.

On the off chance that you are not keen on finding a related Takoyaki or okonomiyaki, you can likewise pick Daifuku, a sweet rice cake studded with refined sugar that is frequently loaded up with anko (red bean glue) or organic product.


Kue spons ‘castella

Kue spons ‘castella


Out visiting Himeji Castle which would one say one is of the UNESCO World Heritage Site? This social legacy in Hyogo Prefecture has not since quite a while ago presented the character Shiromaruhime, a kawaii white mochi conceived on April 6, and evidently a vocalist who likes to savor tea the Himeji Castle yard. What’s more, obviously, there are likewise steamed baked goods framed like Shiromaruhime!


Momotaro’s old neighborhood right now nourishment that Momotaro has given to a pooch, gorilla, and bird chickens to tail him: Kibidango.

Okayama is additionally acclaimed as a natural product maker, for example, Peaches and Muscat wines that you will seem to be a subject omiyage.


The World Heritage Site of Hiroshima is Itsukushima Shrine which is situated on the island of Miyajima, overwhelmed with maple trees as long as the eyes are seen. Hiroshima’s mark dish is the Momiji manju, and the red bean glue is formed like a Japanese Maple leaf.


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The Super kawaii ‘ Hiyoko ‘ cake can be found in Hakata (Fukuoka), yet it is additionally sold at a wide range of urban areas in Japan.


One of the 4 primary islands in Japan is the one in particular that isn’t passed by Shinkansen. In any case, you can in any case purchase neighborhood items, for example, Sanuki Udon, at the principle Shinkansen stations in Honshu.

You can likewise purchase an assortment of trinkets at the obligation free shop at the air terminal. Despite the fact that you most likely won’t discover an assortment of customary tidbits like in the stations, you can in any case find intriguing bites Made in Japan, for example, Pocky’s interesting assortment of flavors.

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